Second Skins for the Spandex Empire

Ten years ago, I was offered the opportunity to show a fashion collection in a Mardi Gras float warehouse in my beloved home of New Orleans. When I visited this vibrant space, I wanted nothing more than to envelope all of my loved ones in sparkling, colorful skins and let them loose amongst those slumbering monuments of bliss. And so it was.

On 11/11/11 my closest and wildest friends slipped into what is now known as The Joysuit. I set a pair of large sunglasses over their eyes and gave them only one instruction: dance, and don't stop dancing!

With their physical identities totally obscured, these first space-angels felt secure enough to fully express their emotional bodies. I happily joined them in this experiment, and the energy we spread to the onlookers was one of exponential joy. Everyone around us wanted to disappear into our glittery, otherworldly jubilation. We called it The Astral Dance Party.

My primary desire is to keep spreading this joy. I want you to feel freedom within your own body. I want you to experience this feeling bouncing back to you from those lucky enough to pass through the euphoric atmosphere you create. I want you to understand that joy is contagious and you are its catalyst. All of the designs in this store are specifically created with this mission in mind.

At The Joysuit, we believe that all bodies are the right bodies and deserve garments to honor and emphasize their wonder. We love that you're here. We love that you are courageous enough to step into a perspective that summons to the surface all of the goodness that you contain. We see you and we want to see you.

Wishing you Wonder,
Alicia Zenobia

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